How can Defacto Networks help my business?

Using our years of experience (all of our technicians have at least 5 years experience) in all forms of technology including network architecture, network security and computer support, we are able to quickly diagnose any issues as well help companies plan for the future while staying in budget.

Do I have to sign a contact to get services from Defacto?

We do ask each of our clients to sign a standard Master Service Agreement. However, it does not force any client into a particular amount of monthly hours or service. We have plenty of clients who just use us as an on call service company. That being said, since weekly contracts for service allow us to plan our business more effectively, we do offer a reduced hourly rate to any client who can guarantee a monthly or weekly amount of hours.

How does a typical implementation work at your company?

Since we are a small business ourselves, we want to keep a friendly, straight-forward and honest approach. We will assign a primary consultant to your business and he/she will be your one contact at Defacto. They will work with you to diagnose your network and decide what the proper amount of time necessary per week or month and possibly any upgrades that may be necessary at that time. This same primary consultant will document your network for Defacto and for you, so we always have a clear picture of the situation. Since they are your primary consultant, you will always have a direct line to them at all times. In addition, we assign a secondary consultant that comes from time to time, to stay up on your businesses changes just in case something happens and your primary consultant can not make it.

We have remote locations or my business is in the suburbs, can Defacto Networks still help us?

Defacto Networks offers onsite consulting throughout the Chicagoland area which we also extend to most of the suburbs. Clients outside the Chicagoland area will be charged a travel charge. In addition to our onsite service, Defacto Networks also offers remote support and remote monitoring. We can arrange for most of your work to be done remotely avoiding travel charges.

Our company already has a full time IT support person, why should we look at your service?

If you are satisfied with your current IT support person, we can show that person as well you, how we can help with security auditing, large projects or other network implementations that may not be that person's specialty. In addition to projects and staff augmentation, we can also show smaller businesses the benefits of using a consulting company over a single internal IT person. These benefits include cost savings and possibly a more secure and stable network.

I've seen ads for cheaper technicians including the local computer/electronic store, why should we choose you over them?

Defacto Networks is a small business that has been streamlined to avoid any large overhead. Since we do not have large amounts of overhead, we can price our services below most of our direct competitors. As for the individuals or local stores that charge less; Can they provide a list of all their customers to you and will all those customers be 100% satisfied with the service they have received? Do all their technicians have over 5 years experience. Thanks to that experience our hourly rates may be higher but we always can complete the project quickly and right the first time around. This saves our clients from future billings or getting someone else to correct the issue later down the road. In addition to all of the above, our company is insured for providing IT services, which means the future of your business is protected.

Do you only recommend Microsoft or Cisco products since you are a Partner?

Defacto Networks makes a point of recommending solutions that work best for the business and the situation. We work with all forms of software and hardware and are no limited from offering them to our clients. However, most of our clients use Microsoft and Cisco products, so we think it is important for us to have those partnerships in place. We have also arranged for other partnerships so we can offer solutions for telephone systems, network wiring and interactive software development. We find that what our clients have a need for, we should have a partnership in place to help them out.

How exactly does your emergency service work and are you guys really available 24/7?

Emergency situations take precedence over all other consulting work. Due to this we can offer our clients a 2 hour response time on their emergency situations. Your primary or secondary consultant IS available 24 hours 7 days a week directly by phone. However, we try work with our clients to avoid these situations with proper technology implementation.