Maurice Friedman
Managing Partner

Maurice began his career working in a lab as a scientist. Although he was successful as a scientist, he realized that his true passion was technology. He got more satisfaction helping family and friends with their issues or recommending what products to purchase. So in 2000, Maurice made the move from chemistry to technology. That move proved to be a great decision. Getting his start at a Chicago consulting business, All Bases Covered, Maurice quickly moved up the ranks by finding he had a knack for client communications and building a trusting relationship. As his skills improved, so did the amount of clients who requested him by name. Finding that he wanted more and wanted to offer more to his clients, Maurice decided the best way to do that was open his own business. Now Maurice spends his time managing our technology specialists, but also makes time to get out in the field and help our clients with their technology issues and concerns.

Maurice Friedman is a Microsoft and Cisco certified professional with seven years of technology experience. His clients trust his judgment based on years of good communication, honesty and his exceptional expertise.